Colours, luxurious fibres and fabrics all add up to Fluff-n-Stuff

Marianne has always been creative, right from a small child, knitting and then sewing became a part of her life. She learnt to sew on a toy sewing machine which kept her occupied in her bedroom for hours, designing doll's clothes..
Trailing bits of thread throughout her parents house didn't go down too well, but she was not deterred. Her Mum's hand cranked Singer sewing machine was the next step up into sewing clothes for herself. She made even more mess then, must have driven her parents crazy....when Marianne  was about 8, she also learned to crochet by using her Mum's book  and holding a mirror up to the pictures...erm...because Marianne is left-handed!

Marianne had a dream, it was to be the owner of a little old fashioned tea room with part of the shop lending itself to a showcase for her creativity...life got in the way of this plan but creativity never left her side.

When the youngest of her 4 children was about 2 years old, Marianne took herself off to college to do a City & Guilds course in Interior Decor. She completed this course up to level 3 and thoroughly enjoyed learning about paint techniques and room design but the time wasn't right for her to make a career of these skills. She carried on at college though, studying textiles and then went on to do a BTec in Computer Graphic Design. This clever course thrilled Marianne, especially as another of her loves was digital photography. Obtaining 6 Merits for the course enabled her to get a job with Southampton University, in the Marketing Department

Two years later Marianne met and fell in love with Barry, she moved to Cambridgeshire to be with him.....this was 2005

To keep herself occupied, Marianne would read blogs and kept getting diverted to Ravelry, an online community for Knitters and Crocheters. Her love of knitting took a turn and became a passion. Marianne started spinning in 2008 after seeing all the beautiful handspun yarns on Ravelry. The colours caught her eye and she just had to have a go at dyeing them for herself. After quite a few unsuccessful dyeing attempts, which she thought were wonderful at the time, Marianne started to understand the whole dyeing process. A few months later and she was loaded with pretty dyed fibres but not enough time to spin them so she decided to start selling them. 

Working with the best designer fabrics and luxurious fibres must surely be the best job in the world? 

She also runs a successful Luxury Fibre Club, details of which can be found here...

Marianne still makes loads of mess, but keeps it mainly to her workroom which Barry has created for her, but still threads and fluff get distributed throughout their lovely old cottage, she does clear it up from time to time.....