Luxury Fibre Club

Luxury Fibre Club

A friendly fibre club

Here are the details:-

  • There will be two clubs, one for multi/random handpainted and one for semi-solid, both will be using luxury fibre blends though, that goes without saying 

    • each package will consist of 100g* of luxury blended top dyed up by me
    • there will be no angora in these parcels but there may be the occasional kid mohair blend (let me know if you really don't want any mohair in your blend, and I'll dye you up an alternative but in the same colourway as everyone else)
    • each package costs £17.50 plus p&p per lot
    • Once the parcels are arriving I will send you a newsletter, via email, with ideas for spinning the fibre
    • I will enclose a sample of yarn that I will have spun from the blend you receive, just for your reference.  I love to see the yarns that are produced by my members
    • Each package will contain a 10% discount code to be used on anything in my shop (I’ll also take 10% off any special orders for bags etc…)
    • Club members will be given priority over new subscribers for the next round

    *the amount may be bigger if the blend is less expensive

You can look in my Etsy shop and my sold items to see the sort of colours I dye up. I don’t do itchy, I am a fibre snob and I am fussy about the fibres I spin up.  This is a real treat of a club and I’m almost certain you’ll be happy with what I send you.  My club keeps on growing in size so I think I’m doing something right ;)

Just to tempt you further, here's a lovely comment from one of my customers "I'm loving the two from the last luxury fibre club (fruit and veg), which I'm spinning now. I have to say the quality of your fibre is exceptional.  I've left a couple of clubs in the past because of poor quality fibre, yucky colours or felted strands. You really do take extra care and the frequency is about right for me too!"

If you’d like to be added to my waiting list then there is a subscription link below…I’ll be in touch when there is space, thank you :)


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