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Within this category you will find some exciting new bags

I am really enjoying sewing with these new designs, not my own but my goodness they are amazing! I have added my own flair though, adding different pockets and zips when I feel that it will enhance the finished product

Most of my makes are OOAK so you can be sure of getting a very special piece

I use only the best quality fabrics, interfacing and waddings. Oh and the metal bits, threads and zips are the best quality too. You can be rest assured that my bags will last you a very long time!

I do hope you will enjoy browsing this category...If you see something that you like but not in the colours that suit your requirements, why not drop me a line using the contact form. I haven't taken any orders for quite some time now as I needed to catch my breath, but I will have space for a limited number of special orders every month :)

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